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Accent Modification Goals in 2019

What is the one difference you want to make with your accent in 2019?

How to set ONE accent goal

By now , your inbox , facebook and every other social media would have been inundated with people teaching you how to set goals for this year etc.

I personally do not set goals, or SMART goals. I know, that probably sounds atrocious and totally irresponsible, especially since I am running my own business.

I have set goals in the past and actually set way too many goals, and ended up achieving NONE.

Now, that made me feel awful, and I think I would have felt better about achieving at least one goal, rather than a big fat zero. Hence this idea popped in my head. My overarching goal for my life in 2019. What is your one MAIN goal, which can then spark off the rest of your baby goals?

Mine was small, it is basically a trait that I am working on, and that is being Honest.

Being honest with myself, being honest with others. Knowing when it is too much to take on, and being honest with my feelings and life commitments. I have taken on way too much of work before, and just ended up walking in circles and not lost focus. Any takers here or am I the only one who has gone a lil nutty? Hahaha

So this year, my challenge is being honest, and not brushing off feelings, thoughts, IDEAS and things to do.  Easier said than done hey, I have had to really think about why I am zoning out on Facebook or Instagram…and being honest with myself and realising that I am just plain TIME WASTING. No Einstein needed over here.

So for my readers, I would love to hear your focus in 2019. Or even if it’s not about the entire life goal, what is it about your accent that you intend to focus on in 2019?  A simple way is to do the following:

  • What do I like about my accent? ( My tone ,voice, words, what have my friends told me etc etc)
  • What do I not like about my accent?
  • And choose ONE thing you would like to work on. ONE thing, that if you checked again on 31st Dec 2019, you would go….ah..nailed it!! Or at least started the process.

I would love to hear your ONE Accent goal for 2019. What would you really like to improve /work/add onto your speech? Let me know your thoughts😊


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