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Is it accent training or pronunciation training?

What is the difference between accent training and pronunciation training

What do you search for when you want to improve your accent?

What do you search for when you are looking to improve your accent or pronunciation?

I was doing my research in accent coaching, and decided to google what people would search for. I must say the results surprised me! I thought, most people who search for accent coaching would be those wanting to work on their normal conversational skills.

However, results that came up most of the time, were: people searching online to learn American Accents. Most of these people were actors as well! I searched further and came across many blogs, sites and videos on American Accent. Some featured the British accent, but hardly anyone featured a Neutral accent. Interesting huh. It certainly made me think, so if I didn’t live in America or England, and wanted to improve my accent, what on earth do I search for?

What if I kept moving countries ( as most of my clients do). Does this mean I have to learn the accent of each country? What if I moved to the Philippines or something. They speak English there too. Do people teach the Filipino Accent?

So many questions went through my head! So my dear readers, I am actually curious as to what you search for as well. I understand that actors require accent or dialect coaching when they portray other characters. However, who else gets coaching on their accents? Some people even call it dialect coaching. I think this is a term mainly used in the US, to describe speech and acting coaches, as in people who work in Theatre.

How interesting! And here I was thinking that Accent training, is done mainly by Speech Pathologists. How wrong was I. The main population of people who have looked for accent coaching, were ( in my google research) : actors and  call centre employees.

So my readers, ( whom I assume are not actors or call centre employees) which words do you use when you are looking to improve the way you speak English? Comment below, as I am quite curious!


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