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Accent reduction: I can’t do it anymore!

Are you ready to give up working on your accent?

I can’t do this! This is too hard!

If you have been trying to work on your accent for a while, and have been hitting speed bumps, don’t lose faith!

All of us have been there. When we keep trying many different things, and suddenly wonder, will we ever make a change? Will it ever happen? Will my efforts finally be repaid?

These things take time, consistency and patience…and love, lots of love, my friend.
Love for what, you may ask? What does that have to do with speaking?
Simply, it is love for your voice, your accent.

All of us have been there, when we are intently working on a change. Be it losing weight, getting out of debt, finding a new job, buying a new house etc etc. Anything that moves you from your current position to another.
And when the going gets hard, we have loads of thoughts flood our heads. We tend to be our own worst enemy. Every excuse we have creeps into our head. We start thinking…”this isn’t working, this method is not working”. Or, “ I will never be able to change my speech…what was I even thinking?”

Or worse, we start disliking our current position even more. Meaning, we start disliking our starting place, our accent that we want to change, even more. There are sayings that preach the more uncomfortable you get, the more you will be compelled to change.
That is very true, however, understand the subtle difference between using the pain as catalyst, and difference between using the pain as a debilitating hopeless factor.

Pain as catalyst: “I am determined to keep plugging away, to work on my speech”, and remain focussed.
Pain as debilitating factor: “This sucks, I hate my speech, I hate my life, I hate talking,” etc. I am exaggerating, of course, but this is just an example.

So, this brings me back to my point of love. Love the pain, love the struggle, love the place where you are at, because, loving it will take you from A to B. Hating it, will make it come to a standstill. So, choose to love where you are at, and keep moving forward, step by step, and I will be there to guide you all the way.


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