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Does pronunciation training work?

Can I improve my accent even though I have been speaking English for a long time?

“Can my accent change?”

“Can I improve my pronunciation?” Clients ask this question time and time again when they are contemplating signing up for accent coaching services.
My simple answer is, if you are dedicated, and keen to make a change, you will be able to do it. All you need is yourself: Commitment to start. Once you start attending sessions with me, you will have to engage in daily, if not 3-5 times practice in a week.

Imagine going to the gym once or imagine going to the physiotherapist once and expecting your knee to stop hurting.That does not work in the practical world. Here are little nuggets that will help you move along your accent reduction journey.

1) Believe that you are able to make the change. Speech sounds are not set in stone and are always able to be changed. Look at actors, notice how different they sound in different movies. Your speech Can be changed, but first, you must believe that you can. I will believe for you until you do😊
2) Engage in practice sessions. Choose one sound and focus on that sound for the entire week. Practice, practice, practice . Read worksheets, repeat after your model speech, practice is essential in making a change
3) Be aware of your mouth. When making a change, you need to be aware of what movements you are modifying. Feel your lips, jaw and tongue. Notice how they move when you make a sound differently. It will feel weird at times, but that means you are on the right track! New patterns always feel strange and you will be comfortable in no time!
4) Do not ask everyone for speech advice. Keep your advisors to a minimum, as everyone has a different opinion as to how to say certain words. Seek expert opinion ( Speech Pathologist), or an acting coach, if you are one. Keep a friend or two as speech minders, not too many.
5) Listen, listen, LISTEN to your role model speakers. If you are keen to sound like a specific person, or a specific accent, auditory bombardment of speech sounds is the best way to go. Plug yourself into their voice and put it on repeat, and you will start noticing all their speech sounds ( and yours too!)

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Do you have other tips that have worked? Share them below😊


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