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Learning a language with DuoLingo

DuoLingo : Learning a language, gaming style

Language learning, gaming style

DuoLingo : My experiment

Lots of my clients have mentioned DuoLingo to me, and I finally got curious. I decided to join in the fun and start experimenting with an app that teaches you how to learn a language with fun, in a gaming style.

This is my experience and lessons learnt. I chose a language I have never heard of, “Klingdon” and tried learning it.

  1. I loved the fact that the app asked how seriously I was going to take my practice, ranging from casual ( 5mins), Regular ( 10mins), Serious ( 15mins), Insane ( 20mins), all on a daily basis! Talk about asking for a commitment upfront  when learning fa language already! Loved it!
  2. I had no idea what ‘Klingdon’ was, or where it came from. I would have appreciated a short demonstration of the main sounds that defined the language. It does help when you have some background knowledge about the language, so you comprehend it more.
  3. The app immediately took me to phrases and sentences and I was quite lost. Until I learnt I could ‘cheat’ and ask for instructions, before clicking on the right answer. Once I got the hang of it, I felt proud of my percentages correct.
  4. The reversal of meaning in sentences threw my head in a tailspin! ( Name, question etc) The order and structure of the sentence was so difficult and different to English, and that was difficult enough. I had forgotten how difficult learning another language was!
  5. I fared better when I started at a word level, and listened to the pronunciation of the word, before progressing to phrase level.
  6. I would have preferred a section where I could type in a word which I wanted to say and heard its pronunciation. ( I guess it must be in the Pro version)
  7. I wonder if there is a recording version, where I can record myself and compare to their native speaker. ( Again probably in Pro version)
  8. I think if I was consistent with practice, I would have learnt Klingdon, at a novice level.
  9. I loved the fact that it was structured like a game, was quite fun.
  10. Lastly, I think it has given me inspiration to create my own app. How many of you would prefer learning accents by listening to an app? Life is so much easier with digital support!

If you are a Duolingo user, share your experiences below. I would love to read about your journey😊


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