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Neutral Accent: What is it?

Confused about how you should sound?

In this Global economy, the chances of you being born in one country, being educated in another country, and working in another country is pretty high! I myself am one of them. I was born and did most of my schooling in Singapore. I then completed my Speech Therapy degree in Perth, Australia, and am working here now, and have been here for the past 16 years and counting.

So, how do I sound or speak? Thankfully for me, I have only been exposed to 2 major accents, the Singaporean Accent and the Australian Accent. However, an interesting fact came to mind. When I moved to Perth, I had difficulties comprehending the Aussie accent, and vice versa! And both of us were speaking plain old English!

My brain was fried as to how different speech sounds could be! English has always been my first language, and Tamil ( South Indian language, was my second language).So I did an little experiment. I tried speaking in Australian accent most of the time, and it worked well in Australia, and people understood me. However, my native people, looked at me strange when I went back to Singapore, and spoke with an Australian accent! It was bit tiring switching accents to and fro, but I did it anyways.

Long story cut short, I ended up doing a course, and found out about Standard Neutral English. Lo & behold, my entire world made sense to me. I was tired of trying to change my accent and my identity. And SNE, opened up my world. I figured that I could keep my accent neutral, meaning, fairly simple, and close to Received Pronunciation, without sounding like I came from the UK.

I also found out that it was an easier accent to hold, and lesser rules to remember when I spoke to people with different nationalities. I didn’t have to try to sound like and American/Australian/English, when I spoke to people from those regions. I am sure you can identify with my situation. How many times have you thought…now which accent do I have to speak to be understood?

The Standard Neutral English helped me be understood, and express myself clearly. I finally felt like I had my own identity and did not have to ‘fake’ my background. It helped me be MYSELF!

So I learnt how to teach SNE to people like me. If you are one of those who were born elsewhere and working elsewhere, and are struggling to be understood. Look no more.

The Standard Neutral English helps you get understood, no matter where you are, or where you are from. If your next job posting takes you from Australia to the UK, there is no need to learn how to speak like the English. All you have to do is speak in Neutral English, and you will get your message across. It is that easy. If you would like to find out more, click on the link here and download your free resource😊



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